Sandra Scott


Sandra has a sincere passion for helping. She is an active listener, is always curious and is comfortable with conflict. She has a clinical Master’s degree in Marriage and Family therapy (MMFT) and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Sandra has over 28 years of experience in the insurance industry with extensive knowledge of group disability benefits. This experience includes the practices, standards and legislation in the industry, how to navigate through the various government sponsored leaves and benefits, and understanding how they impact group insurance.

She has more than two decades of case management experience with a major insurance carrier, including contract interpretation, risk analysis, assessing claims, and reviewing and responding to group Long Term Disability claim appeals across Canada. She also handled overpayments of LTD claims, often due to retroactive CPP disability acceptance as well as claims where competency was an issue and the Public Trustee Office was involved.  

Sandra has experience managing group life and accidental death and dismemberment claims as well as LTD claims through the pre-litigation and litigation process including negotiating settlements. Part of this role involved being the company representative at examinations for discovery and mediations in common law provinces across Canada.

Sandra also spent five years in marketing which involved fielding inquiries from across Canada and providing training for all group life and disability related products including clarification, communication and updates regarding various federal and provincial government leaves and the impact on group benefits.

As a trained therapist, Sandra’s focus has shifted to using this skill set to advocate for people who have become injured or ill and are forced to navigate the complex world of government and insurance benefits.  

Sandra’s approach is always client-centered and she feels strongly about empowering people.  She believes that working collaboratively in any situation brings about positive change and encourages growth. She feels a deep sense of privilege to be able to contribute her knowledge and skills and be a part of the Breamatson Disability Advocates team.

Sandra was involved with the Cerebral Palsy Stationary Bike Race for 22 years, including being captain of her team for over a decade; she continues to volunteer in her community at the elementary school.  She also works part-time in the addictions field and is co-owner of Explore Expand Evolve Family Therapy.